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Mentor session

Thank you for your interest in a mentor session with me. I have been creating images and doing photography for a long time,

and I am still constantly  growing as a photographer. I've found that I always learn the most from fellow photographers and I would love to pass

on some of my knowledge to you.

The session(s) will be done online. The session cover whatever you want to know, or if you are interested in a customize sessions -

we can together go through what you want and set up a complete program for that.

What are some possible toppers we can talk about?

While I'm a complete open book, here are a few things that we can talk about or include during our time based on what you need:

- Photography tips (using manual settings, talking about compositing and framing, using natural light, etc.

- Website and/or Portfolio Critiques

- Tips for Providing an Amazing Client Experience (from initial inquiry to working with the clients on your session to delivery the photos)

- Steps to Starting Your Business

- Posing & Directing Advice and Ideas

- Social Media & Marketing Tips

- What to think about when you put your pricing 

- Backing up photos

- Post-processing (from culling to editing to sending ut beautiful images)

How can I make the most of our time together?

I'll do my best to keep us on topic, but if you come prepared with questions, spend time thoughtfully answering the questions on the questionnaire, and are open to me about goals for our mentos session, we can get through a lot of information without revisiting too much you've already learned!

How do I sign up?

Send me an email:

Make sure to mark the email with "mentor session"

And let me know in the email, what you are interesting to know.


1 Hour Online
A bespoke zoom session tailored to your needs.

Tageted session to cover any mentioned areas.



4 Hour Block
4 Hours zoom training tailored to your needs.

Pre purchase a 4-hour block of Mentoring to be used over a 12 month period

Sessions can be used 1 hour at a time or grouped together depending on the subject area.

(save $126 by booking a block of 4 sessions)


12 months
The complete programme to accelerate your business.

12 months of bespoke mentoring to cover ANY subject (shooting, editing, business & marketing)

1-hour a month (these can be combined at any time to create longer sessions)

$339 a quarter
(Priority Booking ahead of other mentoring sessions. Paid Quarterly)

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