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Are you a coffee enthusiast?

Do you remember last time you walk into a coffee shop, and as soon as you open the door the aroma of fresh and roasted coffee just exploring all your smell senses that it actually give you chills and maybe even goosebumps?

Most expensive coffee on the market.

Did you ever think about that animal poop could be not only a pleasant and tasteful drink, but also the most expensive coffee in the world.

Right now there is different animals feces, that is the most expensive coffee.. I know - crazy right. How they doing it, it's made by passing coffee beans through the not insubstantial stomachs of elephants and cats and then picking the beans out of, well, that.

Coffee is so much more than just coffee.

If you are one of those people who appreciate not good coffee, but truly delicious, high-quality coffee, and would never put your foot in a Starbucks. You will know what I'm talking about.

Coffee beans is produced in over 50 countries, and have different flavour profiles and exotic varieties. How to choose the best coffee is therefor not easy, that's why there people who actually studying this. They look at the details from the roasting process, altitude, soil chemistry, rainfall, and sunshine all contribute to the flavour.

That means it can be a memorable experience when you take your cup up to your lips, how the aroma from the coffee will activate every smell senses, to when you take the first sip of your coffee, you will experience the the biggest effect of flavour.

Have you ever experience to have a tasteful cup coffee at a coffee shop, you buy the beans - bring it home. A Sunday morning you decided to make this amazing cup coffee, to start the perfect day. But wait, it doesn't taste the same at all, as the cup you got at the coffee shop. well, it make sense. Coffee is everything from smell, flavour to the right coffee machine, temperature, surroundings and atmosphere and how its serve.

The secret spots - to find the best coffee.

The biggest question is now, where do you find the the best coffee in your city? or if you are out of town on a business trip or vacation.

There is multiple ways, yelp, google, ect. But how can the Internet tell you where the best coffee is, where to find all the details and experience to make you get the best coffee.

What if - you already knew where to go, because you have the tolls, someone that already have showed and told you where to get all that in one cup!

Im working on thé coffee table book - photo book. where i will capture the atmosphere and the moment of joy when the coffee is made. So you can sit and feel all this, when you are open your copy of this coffee book.

Are you a coffee enthusiast, and can't wait for this coffee photo book is coming out. You can sign up here, to join the waitlist.

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