- Mayling Ng / actress, martial artist, and fitness Champion representing Singapore in the USA in 2013.

"Pernille personality and knowledge in Photography and photoshop enhancement while being realistic is striking.

She will identify your goals and take them as a personal challenge, that she will turn her knowledge of shooting into a personalized and methodical plan.

She has a warm personality and her dedication and professionalism enabled me to be at my best to perform for 2 action an fitness shoots.


I highly recommend her if you are looking to upgrade your profile or portfolio."


- Najla Salome / Holistic Coach 

“Pernille is my go to photographer for any kind of head shots and professional photos I need.
She understands what kind of images I need right away and always gets the best shots of me.

I’ve worked with many other photographers, but no other one does such a beautiful, easy and fun work as Pernille.
She knows the best angles and light and always makes the photoshoot super fun, quick and smooth.

She always makes me really comfortable in front of the camera, which makes the images come out super natural and beautiful.
Pernille is very creative so I don’t have to worry about location, set up and lighting.

She is a super sweet human being and makes the energy of the photoshoot flow in a way that nobody else does.
Her photography skills are incredible and the editing is extraordinary! 
My very best shots are all taken from Pernille.

I only recommend her to everybody.” 



- Andrew Durham / Founder of Ageless Emotional Intelligence Advocate.

"I’ve known Pernille for less then a year, and I can tell you she is one of my dearest friends.

Not because she is a magnificent photographer, but because she knows her purpose. Her energy is contagious and Pernille is the type of person who you meet and instantly you feel as if you known her all your life.


She was the photographer my associate introduced me to. After observing her creativity and context of each shot, I knew every photo she captured would be timeless. After our first shoot we started to become amazing friends and continued to share each other’s wisdom of expertise about life, spirituality, business, and much more.

Every shoot I did with Pernille was spontaneous and adventurous.

From running barefoot through Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive in the rain, to getting kicked out of the Mondrian for a gorilla photoshoot, and driving through the Santa Monica Mts for the right shot, there was never a dole moment while we were together. Every photoshoot with pernille I felt free and at peace.

I painted the picture of what I wanted in her mind and she over performed every time. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of business professionals that included Fortune 500 CEOs and professional athletes and I never experienced such manors as I did with Pernille.

I highly recommend her to all those who are inspiring to be a model, business professional, or anyone who just loves taking pictures. I conclude my statement with much gratitude and thanks for my beautiful friend and wish her many lifetimes of success to come." 


- Michaela Raavig / Fashion by M

"A day together with Pernille brings joy, smiles and a fantastic result of high quality photos.


In connection with my jewelery business Fashion by M, I had to use some professional photos of myself for a fashion magazine.

I spent a long time looking for the right one for the job and was very keen not to compromise on the quality of the photos I needed.

A visit past Pernille's instagram made the decision very easy for me- This photographer was going to make my photos!


I have to admit that I haven't tried a real photo shoot before, at least not so professionally.

That's why I was also a smug nervous, if it could do it at all.


All the nervousness I had up to the day, Pernille managed to remove as easily as nothing.

Her great overview, attention to the tiny details, and not least the way in which she made laughs instead of nervousness.


I had told Pernille that I didn't want to smile with my mouth open - a firm decision I had with myself.

Here I noticed how professionally Pernille works in that she actually quite quickly aims to make me smile without my noticing.

That Pernille here is very professional in her work is that she respected that I did not want to smile with open mouth, but she still managed to catch me with smiles.

The photos I am most happy with today are the ones where I smile big.


Thank you so much Pernille!

What a great day with lots of laughs, your professional way of working, and not least the great work you put into just being able to receive a photo that I can proudly show off in a fashion magazine.


A great recommendation from here and I will return next time I need professional photos for a special occasion."



 - Mads Vinther Bramm / Business Sales Manager of Autohuset Vestergaard

"We have been using the very talented Pernille several times, and we have been super satisfied!

Pernille is outstanding when it comes to editing pictures, AND her way of taking pictures, is amazing.

She is a true star, and we will use her again, that's for sure."